Precautions with Aerobic Exercise

Published: 23rd November 2009
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In aerobic exercise one is required to breathe deeply for an extended period of time. This increases the heart rate and the oxygen levels also get amply replenished. The most important benefit is the cardio-vascular conditioning of the body. As this methodology of exercise can be easily customized it is very popular and fun too. But there are certain precautions that need to be exercised in order to derive the maximum benefits of this type of exercise.

The body is talking machine. It always gives signals regarding its status. We need to hear them out and appropriately adapt to the changes so as to ensure that it stays in good health through out our life. As we come across the symptoms, we must make it a point never to overlook them. Before stepping onto you aerobic shoes take a serious account regarding the condition of your body during the regular activities. While running to answer the doorbell or telephone or hurrying up the stairs, how often did you feel dizzy?

Have you ever experienced slight pains in your chest or found it difficult to breathe? How often do you suffer from an unset stomach? These are important factors that need to be taken seriously. Do not panic but consult your doctor. Or, enroll in a gym that has a certified medical practitioner. He can help you with his suggestions regarding the type and intensity of your aerobic exercises.

Medical monitoring might be required for people suffering from heart ailments, diabetes, obese and those who heavily smoke or remain stressed. People with short-sightedness must be careful regarding the prospect of retinal detachment during sudden jerks or weight lifting.

Therefore, under such conditions, before you embark on your exercise routine, take the opinion of an ophthalmologist or better still a vitreo-retinal surgeon. Ensure that the ophthalmologist is an expert in binocular indirect opthalmoscopy. This does not mean that people with short-sightedness cannot go for aerobic exercises. Rather, s/he needs to lose weight fast as the extra padding of fat puts an undue strain on the retina. Likewise, pregnant and nursing women also need to do their exercises under medical supervision.

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